Budget Gaming on Laptops – Guide

Gaming is one of the most awesome things in the world. It’s one of those thigs that take you to a land far, far away, relieving you of daily problems and issues. Ever since coming of Atari gaming system, the Nintendo Home Computer, and the Sega, gaming has become an important part of a lot of people’s life. Gaming is something that isn’t kids-centric anymore. It’s for people of all ages, sizes, ethnicities and sexual orientation.

Let us talk about extremely cheap budget gaming laptops. There are plenty of machines and devices to choose from when we talk about gaming. The most ubiquitous of all these devices is your very own smart phone. Smartphones have come a long way since their advent in 2007 with the unraveling of the first iPhone. Initially you could only play basic games but now there are smartphone-centric games that are on par with console games. Then you have iPads and Android tablets that essentially the same as smartphones.

Next most common type of gaming machine is your gaming console. I don’t think PlayStation, Xbox, or Nintendo need any introduction. These are mass produced plug and play devices that enable high-end gaming for everyone. There is essentially little to no setup required in order to make these devices work. That’s why they used by people of all ages. In terms of power and graphics, the PlayStation and Xbox are powerful enough to sever all of your multimedia and gaming needs.

Now, if you are really serious about gaming and consider yourself somewhat of a boss, then you will definitely opt for a PC. Gaming PCs, also known Gaming Rigs, are the most powerful gaming machines that you can possibly buy with your money. Period. They are substantially upgradeable and are practically limitless when it comes to performance. This allows Gaming Rigs to be highly scalable and provide the best possible gaming performance on the market. In fact, most of the popular high-end games are firstly developed for PCs and then rooted for consoles.

While Gaming PCs are really great at performance, they lack any sort of mobility. This is an issue for most gamers that take their gaming a sport. For these players, the ability to take their rig wherever want is a high priority. Thus comes the final and the most suitable device for gaming: a gaming laptop. That’s right, a laptop with the insides of a full-fledged gaming rig! A gaming laptop combines the intense power of a gaming pc into a reasonably small footprint, able to be carried around wherever you wish.

However, gaming rigs and gaming laptops cost A LOT. The highest end could cost you upwards of $5000 USD! Imagine if there was a place where you could find gaming laptops for every budget possible. Imagine a place where you could get a gaming machine that doesn’t cost you a year’s rent. Fortunately, there is such a place on the world wide web. Just visit and you will be amazed at what you can get for you hard earned money!


An overview of programming laptops

For a software developer or programmer or a tester, a good laptop is a good friend that makes life easier! Though there are nothing called ‘Programming laptops’ in reality, but certain specifications of a laptop make them better compared to the others when gauged in terms of execution, performance and power.

Specification of a good programming laptop:

  1. A good battery life: some laptops provide a battery life of 5-6 hours and some 11-12 hrs. One should always look for a longer battery life in a laptop, as it gives the freedom of portability and also, saves one from accidental shutdown of machine due to 0 battery level and therefore loss of coding effort of a programmer.
  2. Processor: A very good processor is a must for a good programming experience. The central processing unit must belong to Intel core i5 family or best if i7 is used. The processors also come with 2/4/6 no. of cores. The greater the number, the better the performance of the processor. AMDA10 processor also makes a good choice.
  3. Graphics processing unit: The inbuilt graphics card that comes along with motherboard is enough for programmers. However, in the field of gaming, software development and testing, a very good graphic card can make a difference.
  4. RAM: Random Access Memory is a crucial factor determining the execution and performance of the laptop for programming. 2GB of RAM is the bare minimum requirement. Better if one can obtain 8GB and the best if 32 GB RAM is available.
  5. Hard drive storage space: 1TB HDD or 256 GB SSD storage are excellent choices.
  6. Operating system: 32 or 64 bit operating systems are welcomed. Windows 10, a 64 bit operating system is an example of a good OS available in the market.
  7. Larger screens: 15” or 17” best laptop for developers screens suffice the purpose.

Along with these, a cooler fan should be used to dissipate heat generated out of high processing tasks done in the laptop while coding, running the software and testing it.

Programming laptops or desktops: which is a better choice?

There are some advantages of using a laptop against a desktop for programming. Coding or programming needs a lot of effort specifically with shorter deadlines provided by the clients, developers need to work for most of the hours in a day. In this scenario, using a laptop gives one the convenience of portability or moving at places with the laptop and relaxing.

But desktops have some advantages over laptops as well. The bigger the screen, the better the functionality. One has to scroll the screen too much causing human induced errors in codes, on using a shorter screen.

Also in some programming such as web development and embedded systems software development, more than 1 screen is required. Desktops can integrate the same easily.

However if the build of the machine is very important in some programming, desktops are more advantageous over the laptops as we cannot easily integrate best quality parts in a laptop as easily as in a desktop. In a desktop assembling of different best parts can be done.


What It Takes To Buy The Right PC Monitors

It is quite likely that the monitor which is being used by your right now could be old and could have even become obsolete as far as technology is concerned. Hence, it is quite likely that you will be on the lookout for a suitable replacement.

Buying the right pc monitors is not an easy job because there are so many options and alternatives available out there. This could lead to confusion and indecision. Hence before buying computer monitors, there is a need to do the right kind of research even if it takes some time and effort. Here are a few things which you must always keep in mind and only then should you move forward and buy these monitors. If you are looking for a gaming monitor for console like ultrawide gaming monitor, then these things may not matter entirely.

The technology pertaining to computer monitors has advanced quite a bit and if you are well informed you certainly can buy the right monitor which is reasonably priced, technologically advanced among other things.

Price Is The Most Important Attribute

 As is the case with most other electronic items, there is no doubt that price plays a big role when it comes to buying monitors for PC. If you still go by old technology you can buy the CRT monitors which come for a few hundred dollars or even less. On the other hand if you are ready to pay a bit more you could choose modern and sophisticated LCD monitors, which are always a better buy. They are more energy efficient, radiate lesser heat and therefore are considered very environment and eco-friendly.

Pixel Response Rate

 The response rate of pixels is another important factor which must be taken into account when it comes to buying monitors. The response rate is measured in milliseconds and it is the time for the pixel to change from white to black and vice versa. It also is about changing from one shade of gray to another shade. It is always better to go in for a monitor with higher pixels because the quality of images will be much better.

Apart from the above there are other factors to be also taken into account. These include the contrast, color depth and image resolution. You need to research quite a bit to get the right information on the above parameters. You could also spend some time understanding more about the display and control functions.

There are many LCD monitors which come with remote touch functions and it would be worthwhile to have a closer look at them. You also must try and buy monitors which have multimedia display and they should be able to support gaming activities. There are other important aspect too which must be taken into account such as aspect ratio, active shutter technology, contrast ratio, ability to display a full gamut of colors and much more.

Therefore you must spend some time gathering knowledge and information and then deciding as to which monitor is best based on specific needs and requirements. It is a process which must be done leisurely and one should not hurry through the process under any circumstances.