Break Like the Wind
(Dead Faith / MCA, 1992)
Bitch School (2.51); The Majesty of Rock (3.55); Diva Fever (3.06); Just Begin Again (4.56); Cash On Delivery (3.04); The Sun Never Sweats (4.24); Rainy Day Sun (3.42); Break Like the Wind (4.35); Stinkin’ Up the great Outdoors (2.50); Springtime (4.02); Clam Caravan (3.37); Christmas With the Devil (4.33); Let Him Go (2.08); All the Way Home (2.09)

Bitch School (12″)
(MCA Records UK, 1992)
Bitch School (2.52); Springtime (4.05); Talk With tap Part 1 (2.06)

Bitch School (7″ and CD)
(MCA Records UK, 1992)
Bitch School (2.52); Springtime (4.05); Talk With tap Part 2 (1.59)

The Majesty of Rock (12″ and CD)
(MCA Records UK, 1992)
The Majesty of Rock (3.59); Stinkin’ Up the Great Outdoors (2.53); Talk With Tap Part 3 (5.03)

The Majesty of Rock (Promo CD)
(MCA Records UK, 1992)
The Majesty of Rock (3.59)

Christmas With the Devil
(Enigma Records, 1984)
Christmas With the Devil, Christmas With the Devil

Spinal Tap – The Original Soundtrack
(Polymer / Polydor, 1984)
Hell Hole (3.06); Tonight I’m Gonna Rock You Tonight (2.35); Heavy Duty (4.26); Rock and Roll Creation (4.06); America (3.29); Cups and Cakes (1.31); Big Bottom (3.31); Sex Farm (3.19); Stonehenge (4.36); Gimme Some Money (2.24); (Listen To The) Flower People (2.33)


Hard Rock Cafe: 80s Heavy Metal
(Rhino Records, 1998)
Big Bottom appears on this compilation album of sixteen metal classics

Holiday Collection Volume 3
(Hand Records, 1993)
We Three Kings (1.19) appears on this benefit album


Spinal Tap Sings “(Listen to the) Flower People” and Other Favourites
(Megaphone, 1967)
(Listen to the) Flower People (2.33); Have A Nice Death

We Are All Flower People
(Megaphone, 1967)
We Are All Flower People; To Fly; I Am Flight; Get Me Away From the Ground; The Incredible Flight of Icarus P. Anybody

Silent But Deadly
(Megaphone, 1969)
Short ‘n’ Easy; Breakfast of Evil; Silent But Deadly

(Megaphone, 1970)
Big Bottom; Lie back and Take It; Swallow My Love; Brainhammer

Nerve Damage
(Megaphone, 1971)

Bloot to Let
(Megaphone, 1972)

The Sun Never Sweats
(Megaphone, 1975)
Daze Knights of Old; the Princess and the Unicorn; The Obelisk; The Sun Never Sweats; Stonehenge

Jap Habit
(Megaphone, 1975)
Nice ‘n’ Stinky; Devil Take the Hindmost; Nocturnal Mission

Bent for the Rent
(Megaphone, 1976)
When a Man Looks Like a Woman; High Hells; How Wheels; Heavy Duty; Bent for the Rent

Tap Dancing
(Megaphone, 1976)

Rock and Roll Creation AKA The Gospel According to Spinal Tap
(Megaphone, 1977)
Young, Smug and Famous; Rock and Roll Creation

Shark Sandwich
(Megaphone, 1980)
No Place Like Nowhere; throb Detector; Sex Farm

Smell the Glove
(Polymer, 1982)


Heavy Metal Memories
(Metalhouse, 1983)
Sex farm; Stonehenge; The Incredible Flight of Icarus P. Anybody; Blood to Let; Big Bottom; Brain Hammer; Silent but Deadly; Bent for the Rent; Tonight I’m Gonna Rock You Tonight; Break Like the Wind; Cups and Cakes; Rainy Day Sun; (Listen to the) Flower People; Nice ‘n’ Stinky; Rock and Roll Creation; Gimme Some Money


Flak packet; Here’s More tap; Lusty Lorry

Audible Death; Live at the Budokkan; Got Thamesman on Tap; It’s a Dub World; Openfaced Mako